Solar Capacity Modeling with GIS

I helped develop a model, write software, and design a web service/map of solar potential for the State of Minnesota using GIS (QT, Lastools, ArcGIS, Postgres/PostGIS, Python, JavaScript and more). This project has been an journey into so many realms...everything from remote sensing to supercomputing and climate change to web mapping. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished along with a great team. We have published a wealth of information...start with this poster and then check out our web app at: More info on our model, references, team, data products, latest news is available here: Oh yeah, we managed to get some press as well:

Begin with Lidar:

Analyzing Solar:

Sunlight throughout the day in Dinkytown on July 4th.

Sunlight throughout the year. See why South facing is preffered?

References and links: